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>> one of the continuing heartening aspects of living in this neighborhood is every election cycle, seeing the way in which haight ashbury takes politics so seriously and become very involved generally in campaigns, and b, vote so intelligently and so well. >> great things are happening in our district. it's a great area where people just want to hang out, spend the day or many days, or maybe many years, because it has everything for everybody in our area. >> well that's all the time we have for today's show. join us the next time as we profile another one of san francisco's great neighborhoods. until then, i'm jennifer lowe for sfg tv. thanks for watching.
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. >> my name is mark tieman and i'm senior councilor at pet camp, san francisco, california. we dispose of a lot of carbon-based material here, dog poop, and the more we can turn that into something viable, the better off we are. in san francisco there's more dogs than children. finding a viable use for dog poop. >> proenvironmental policies, that's a way to win hearts and that's a way to win hearts and minds. [horns honking] [siren wails]
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richie! yo, tye! what-up?
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richie! what-up, player? how ya doing, son? all right, man. i'm chillin', of course. click to find yours.
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